How To Locate Down Payment Assistance Programs

In my study time, I came across an article talking about Down Payment Assistance (DPA)

I was intrigued because it translated to me as “free money” LOL👀🤑

I read thru the short article and was shocked at what I learned…

Here’s a synopsis

  1. There are over 2,000 active DPA programs across the country
  2.  You don’t necessarily have to be a “first time home buyer” to take advantage.
  3.  Every year, over $1 billion dollars of DPA money is dispursed in the US

It got me thinking…what free money might be available for my clients buying in Ohio

So I started doing some research…

I literally started with “Ohio Down Payment Assistance” and a bunch of links popped up and I got to work!

I tried the same thing for some of my favorite cities like Houston, Chicago, and New Orleans and I found tons of easily accessible DPA info!

I encourage you to look into these programs and dont leave any money on the table.

To help you, here is a link to a list of State Specific DPA programs that my friend Kendra Barnes from The Key Resource put together.

Down Payments are often a huge barrier for Black people looking to buy homes. 

Be sure to take advantage of all the FREE money you possibly can…don’t leave any money on the table!💰